Residential Roofing Services

Roof Installations, Replacements and Repairs

The functionality of your roof ties to everything in your property. No matter how strong a roof is, problems will appear along time. Don't miss the chance to do quick restorations before structural issues develop. We are here to identify the risks developed in your roof, and provide you with the best choices, affordable price and exceptional workmanship that our company is trusted for.


Residential Flat Roof

Benefits of a flat roof: 
Although the name indicates that a flat roof is almost completely level, a slight angle must be included to allow for the drainage of rainwater. According to expert opinion, a flat roof can stand for 30 years. In addition, a flat roof is more resistant and resilient to natural hazards than a sloped roof.  
Flat roof gives you space and that’s why they are popular not only in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings but also acquire their share within the residential property. You can use a well-maintained flat roof as storage or recreational area like a patio. In this way, a flat roof allows you to maximize your utilized space at an affordable price. 
Flat roofs can be accessed extremely easily and safely as they have very little slope. In other words, it saves time, labour and cost when maintenance and repairs are needed. In addition, a variety of flat roof coatings and other specialized materials allows keeping this system in a great condition with little effort allowing to avoid costly repairs.
As flat roofs don’t require any decorative materials like shingles on the surface, it makes them economically reasonable roofing solutions for any home or property owner who prefers to keep installation costs low. Moreover, the future maintenance and even repair of these roofs are easy and very affordable due to the minimum level of complexity in contrast to sloped roofs.
Flat roofs are the best solution in Alberta as they suffer the least amount of damage from the wind compared to angled roofing systems. Furthermore, there are a variety of professional flat roofing solutions that can be applied to increase the resistance of the roof from risks.


Roof Shingles Replacement

Shingle roofs are cost efficient and easy to maintain. That explains why shingles are one of the most popular choices among property owners for centuries. Shingles provide other benefits like adequate weather protection, lightweight structure, aesthetic appeal etc. There are also a variety of styles, textures, and colours for you to choose from. Simply give us a call to make sure you get the best options for your shingle roofs.


Multi-Family Housing and High-Rise Roof Repairs

We provide services from new roof installations to small repairs for high-rise apartments, condos, and townhouses